Based on the practical experiences and accumulated technology for twenty years in a single field, the Kyungbuk Machinery Co., Ltd. has made every effort to develop future-oriented and environment friendly technology. Your continuous help and support enabled us to build a strong and stable foundation.
The Kyungbuk Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed and distributed production facilities to recycle plastic garbages, bringing the import substitute effect.
After four years of research, a melting extruder & crusher was brought into the light which can reduce the bulk of styrofoam scraps previously categorized in general waste and buried as such.
The commericalized styrofoam crusher played a critical role when the Korean Ministry of Environment designated the styrofoam to be collected separately for recycling since March, 1995.
Not only has the Kyungbuk Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered the crusher to local self-governing bodles or related organizations at lower prices, laying a foundation for utilizing recyclabe resources, but also it has been a leader in driving campaigns such as extending the life of waste disposal sites, using standard plastic bags for disposing wastes, conserving resources and reducing the wastes. The Kyungbuk Machinerey promises you to take social responsabilities as a leader of environment-friendly industry, develop better technology for common use, and eventually make a better society with clean environment where the compagny belongs.

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