P.P Soft Band Machinery / P.P Band Auto Packing Tape Marking Machinery(1 Line) /
P.P Band Auto Packing Tape Marking Machinery(2 Line) movie / Soft Rope Tape / PP Soft Tape

  Use For

This machine has been used as a vitally necessary unit our company has improved for the first time in our country in 1968 for the packing materials of light weight products from every day necessary goods to the extent of packing in the manufacturing plant as well as widely being supplied to the farming and fishing villeges siceseveral years ago.


  Special Peatures

  • This machine has been improved as an exclusive enterprise in our country.
  • Designed perfectly to produce increasement of products and cost savings with a convenient operating function.
  • In recent years we are concentrating to export in a beautiful machinery designing.



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